Coconut-Peach Sorbet

Of all the fabulous little tools in my kitchen (I’m not much into gadgetry but I have all the necessities) the one that has proven to be most useful has been my Vitamix.

I have only had one for a few months now (best wedding gift EVER!), so I am still new to learning all the amazing things it can do (I will always be learning, which is something I love.) I spent a good part of the afternoon today sitting on the porch in the sunshine, sipping my coffee (with my sweet Mubs on the stoop next to me of course), simply flipping through the recipe book that came with it, oohing and ahhhing over every page. Jake was off in the yard showing our car to sell (I will miss it, dear old Honda. You were good to me!) I probably called Jake over to look at recipes a zillion times (no exaggeration?), and would say things like: “You would like this! Doesn’t that look good? You can put candy in the shakes?! We really need to buy some good quality instant coffee powder.” In between my spurts of talking and pointing he would say something like: “Yeah it looks good. It’s a good price for the car isn’t it? Especially with the AC not working. No, use espresso.” He sneaks car talk in when I am most distracted.

Stoop kitty, looking rather bashful about her photo being taken. Oh, what a bub.

On the Vitamix: if you have the opportunity to ever purchase (or be gifted!) one of these bad boys, you will never experience buyers remorse (you will be too busy making homemade peanut butter.) A Vitamix can grind wheat berries, rice, beans, oats and other dry goods to make flours, cereals, powdered sugar, coffee (and more things, I am sure of it.) It is also the best blender known to man (this has been proven) and can puree fruits and vegetables to straight-up juice, turn nuts into nut butter, and make the meanest sorbet this world has ever seen (again, proven.)  The Vitamix can even knead dough (wait, you can grind the wheat and knead the dough in the same magical machine!???) So dear friends. Buy an old one. Buy a new one. Buy one for your best friend. But get one. And then make this.

(this recipe is adapted from the Vitamix recipe guide, under Peach Sorbet.)

Coconut-Peach Sorbet:

1 lbs frozen unsweetened peaches

1 C. Coconut milk (I used coconut-almond blend)

1/4 c. sweetener of your choice (I used agave nectar)

Blend all ingredients together, using the damper to push ingredients towards the blades. When it just comes together smooth, turn off machine and serve.

Serve poolside?

Homemade sorbet in like five minutes! Perfect for the soaring hot temperature today, and the rest of summer. Happy Vitamixing!


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